GRS and accreditation
The Endoscopy Global Ratings Scale (GRS) is a quality improvement system designed to provide a framework for continuous improvement for endoscopy services to achieve and maintain accreditation. 
Accreditation definition: Usually a voluntary process by which an independent agency grants recognition to organisations which meet certain standards that require continuous improvement in structures, processes and outcomes. Quality improvement and accreditation offers a  risk reduction strategy that an endoscopy service is doing the right things and doing them well; thereby significantly reducing the risk of error in the delivery of services.
What is JAG Accreditation intended to accomplish?
  • Stimulate continuous improvement in processes and patient outcomes
  • Strengthen endoscopy services
  • Provide a knowledge base of best practices
  • Increase patient confidence in services
  • Improve the management and efficiency of services
  • Provide education on better/best practices
  • The GRS & accreditation pathway will assist you to  both achieve and demonstrate this.